January and February Dev Update

So here’s what we’ve been up to in January and February…     Much time was invested in continuing to refine ship movement. Heru smoothed out the rotation and braking cycles nicely. Heru also fixed a few bugs and covered edge cases with formations and multiple ship intercepts. We still need to get ships and groups of ships to match… Read more →

December Dev Update

December was another great month for development on XO.   An attack formation leaving the fleet   Continuing with our work on the event system, we can now have a second level of choices that return back to the first. We use this to allow the player to ask questions during an event without committing to an action. For a… Read more →

November Dev Update

In November we kept the momentum going. The event system was enhanced, giving us the ability to reference more details such as the random amount of a resource the player needed to give, or the name of the ship that the player was using. We can now set the health of any ship directly from the event as well, and… Read more →

October Dev Update

October was an eventful month for us… because we mostly worked on the event system. (See what I did there?) Here’s how events work. Every ship you encounter is associated with an event. Some events feature a lone vessel, but they can also involve different factions and multiple ships.   An event featuring two ships: a ransomed Corp ship and… Read more →

September Dev Update

We had a productive September working on XO. Here’s what we accomplished: Heru’s biggest accomplishment in September was a major refactor of the game code that brought us a major performance gain. Progress on that went faster than expected. Once we had the gains we needed, we decided to defer the remaining smaller bits until after alpha and refocus on… Read more →

August Dev Recap

August was another solid month of development. Here’s a summary of what we were up to: The minimap was improved with colors denoting the friendliness of ships around you.  Blue ships are in your fleet. Ships you have selected show up white.  Harvesters are purple. As expected, it makes an enormous difference in how useful the map is. There’s only… Read more →